Monday, April 5, 2010

Khayaam was Right by Theo Dorgan

Khayaam Was Right

Khayaam was right, we are toys
on the the table of existence but cast
beyond the nursery tale's confines,
you to your unknown future, I to mine.

Prison me in your dreams of what should be,
set me to match a long pre-figured step,
what do you have then if you hold me
but a child's toy to guard in sleep?

Gently, the tales of childhood are no more,
the nursery beams are charred, they stink in the rain,
and we must make new mysteries of our own
before we achieve that innocence again.

Gently, the road behind us falls away,
the walled garden fades into a dream.
Kiss me and touch my cheek, then choose your path:
neither will keep this rendezvous again.

from the Ordinary House of Love, also collected in What The Earth Cost Us

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