Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Vivienne Dick on Prostitution

"MacDonald: In a number of places you show males, tricks. Were they actually men who had come for prostitutes?

Dick: They were actors. Whenever you see a movie with prostitutes in it, the camera and the male director always examine the prostitute, the way she looks and this and that. She's this object or something. This film is different: the prostitutes are people telling me what they think, and talking about the men and how they look, what it's like to be with them and how stupid a lot of them are. This idea of going to a prostitute to get off is such a peculiar thing. You hand over some money and pretend you control someone for an hour. It's an indication of some sort of warped repressive sexual thing; it reflects a kind of organization outside of the society, but it's all part of the American system. That's why this liberty thing is such an irony. It has to do with pretense, too. If you're a prostitute, you're putting on this act. You can't be real; you have to suppress that because it's not going to do you any good in this society. And the tricks enjoy or even believe the pretense-it's always seemed peculiar to me."

jstor link interview with Scott Mc Donald in October, Vol. 20 (Spring, 1982), pp. 82-101

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